Welcome to Scale Model Studios!

This site was designed to show the variety of models I have worked on in the past. Please browse through the site and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  

Where is SMS?

Scale Model Studios is located in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania between the cities of Johnstown ( the Johnstown Flood ) and Altoona ( The Horseshoe Curve ) and is approximately 80 miles east of Pittsburgh, PA ( The Pittsburgh Steelers! ) at the intersections of Routes 22 and 219.

Who is SMS?

Scale Model Studios is me, Dennis Heinzeroth. Basically a one man model shop. I suppose you could call me a "freelance model maker" or an "independent contractor".

I had been in Graphic Communications in high school and learned about a new program at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh called Industrial Dimensional Arts. I enrolled at AIP after high school and after a name change of the program, two years of schooling, perfect attendance, several all-nighters and well over 1,000 trips across the 6th street bridge, I graduated with honors from the Industrial Design Technology program. I have an Associates Degree somewhere in the attic to prove it, too!  

Then what?

I went to work at Design Specialties in Pittsburgh, PA. It's actually in Bethel Park, a suburb south of Pittsburgh. Design Specialties is a full service model shop that can make anything,...anything. I've seen it.

And then?

My wife and I moved to Ebensburg, PA due to her promotion at work and since I had the tools and the love of model making, I started SMS. I call it being "self-unemployed". It's a joke.

Wrapping it up....

 I started SMS in 1996 after moving to Ebensburg from Pittsburgh. 

I've tried to keep the site simple to navigate and lighthearted.  Let me know what areas need improvement. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for stopping by!